We bridge the gap between Technology, Security and Dentistry.

Create a Culture of Privacy

Culture of Privacy is a big picture view of HIPAA compliance.  It is the best way for privacy to incorporate the practice. Making the connection between patient and the practice’s culture of privacy helps

Take HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA compliance protects your patients and HIPAA-Care protects your practice. The ongoing challenge for dental practices is finding the time to tackle HIPAA Compliance at a reasonable price. Until now!

Has the New Normal Arrived?

When it comes to HIPAA compliance and data security, taking the old-school wait and see approach is precisely what hackers are looking for. Security threats are ubiquitous and this new normal ...

Unthank Design Group

Over the last decade, we have teamed with Unthank Design Group in designing hundreds of technology friendly dental offices. With your vision and our knowledge, we'll turn your ideas into reality......

Price & Result Control?

Are you facing a stack of dental technology bids and wondering what to do next? Don't let technology suppliers take advantage of your practice.  The Price and  Result Control Advantage Tilt the scales...

Got dental tech stress?

T2 Consulting has the expertise and experience from working with hundreds of dental practices.  Bringing your practice into the digital age is a big decision - who why go at it alone...


Practical. Simplified. Nice!

Culture of Compliance is the heart of HIPAA that incorporates a mindset within your dental practice! We deliver practical programs that simplify HIPAA compliance to make that happen – at an exceptional value!


We take dentists in an entirely new direction!

Prices for CAD/CAM, 3D cone beam, digital x-ray are substantial. Did you know they’re also negotiable? Cost and Result Control gives you the edge in price negotiation and product selection – an entirely new direction when it comes to dental equipment. T2’s experience and objective advice eases frustration by integrating your vision with our knowledge for the absolute best solution at the best price.

According to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the top 10 data breaches accounted for just over 111 million records that were lost, stolen or inappropriately disclosed. This new normal and has led to our latest service –HIPAA Care. Our approach is to create a culture of privacy which is imperative to successful HIPAA compliance.

Our approach is simple: No pitch. No hype. Just solutions! Smart purchases, big picture thinking, and reducing operating costs drive successful dental technology.

“Ted is so knowledgeable in his field he was able to save us far more than his fees in time, money and hassle. I consider T2 a very wise investment and would recommend him to anyone.”
-Lakes Dental Care

 Ted Takahashi

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