What we do

What we do

Think first!

T2 Consulting empowers dentists with knowledge, experience and strategies to integrate dental technology into their practices and office design – successfully. Our innovative services combine your expertise in your practice, our exclusive process and unsurpassed experience allowing you to get it right – and at the right price.

When it comes to strategic planning, design, and product recommendations, you have full access to our unbiased expertise and experience. And since we do not sell dental equipment there is never a hidden agenda.

T2 Consulting offers your practice advantages no other dental-technology consultant can claim including:

  • The expertise to ask the right questions, so the final plan meets your practice’s needs today, tomorrow, and the next day
  • Up-to-date understanding of the latest technology offerings
  • Unsurpassed experience with hundreds of successful projects
  • Unbiased product recommendations
  • Project management experience that frees you to keep your practice up and running while we oversee the details

 Ted Takahashi

"Thank you for visiting the TedTakahashi.com website. You are encouraged to use this site as an honest resource for your technology. I'm someone who can help you!"  

Ted Takahashi
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