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HIPAA Compliance protects your patients and HIPAA-Care Solutions will protect your practice. The challenge for dental practices is finding the time and resources to tackle HIPAA Compliance at a reasonable price.  Until now!
STEP ONE:  The first step to becoming compliant is a mandatory HIPAA Risk Assessment.  Take your FREE 2017 HIPAA Risk Assessment


It’s required!
The Risk Assessment is the first step in identifying safeguards that comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.  It is also a requirement.  Get started today!


Who’s the boss?
A Security Officer must be appointed for staff training, HIPAA policies and procedures. This is a requirement of HIPAA .


Know the flow
It’s critical to understand who has access to ePHI throughout your network.  If you don’t, your practice is incredibly vulnerable.


Keep them current
The only way to effectively regulate how employees protect and handle PHI is to develop current policies and procedures to guide them.


Train your staff
Your staff must understand what they can and cannot do when handling PHI.  HIPAA requires documentation to prove their understanding.


Update BAA’s
Business Associate Agreements are required for anyone (except other covered entities) who handles PHI outside of your practice.


Incident Response Plan
What would happen if there were a flood, fire, earthquake, or ransomware attack on your practice?  Proactively preparing for an emergency is required.


Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, every practice needs a Notice of Privacy Practices that is displayed prominently in the practice and on your website.


Email Encryption
When sending PHI electronically, e-mail must be encrypted so the data remains protected. Don’t use thumb drives or other non-encrypted solutions.

Are you prepared for random

HIPAA Audits?

The ADA announced in March 2016 that HIPAA audits may come for dentists.

HIPAA-Care brings security and compliance solutions together.

Packages coming soon!

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