dental technology servicesIs dental technology stressing you out?

Bringing your practice into the digital age is a big decision – so why go at it alone? Or worse, spend all of your free time on research? Let us do the hard part for you. Our objective consulting services will guide you through the confusing world of dental technology to find the right solutions for your practice.

No pitch. No hype. Just Solutions!

That’s right, when it comes to dental technology and software we have nothing to sell. What we do offer is the best advice and solutions so you spend your dollars on what works and stop wasting it on what doesn’t. By choice, we do not sell dental equipment or dental management software and have nothing to gain by recommending dental products other than the ones that serve you best.  When it comes to dental technology integration, we have served over 2000 dental practices with over 14,000 systems in place.

Our services reach well beyond computers and wiring

We realize that every dental practice is different as are their needs. T2 Consulting now offers four dental technology services that will cover most situations for all dental specialties. From comprehensive services to assessing your project, we are committed to providing the best advice and the results that you expect. Not sure which service is best for you?

The best help in the business!

At T2 our objective has always been clear – to help dentists successfully integrate technology into their practice by doing it right the first time and at the best price. Front end planning weeds through the hype and guidance keeps you on the path to successful dental technology.

Coaching simply speeds up a process of change that would most likely occur anyway if an individual had enough time.  As they say, time is money but getting it right the first time puts the value of this service over the top.  T2 Technology coaching focuses on unbiased project planning strategies, guidance, budget development and vital product information based on decades of experience and hundreds of dental office projects.

T2 infrastructure consulting & turnkey solutions

T2 Consulting is the best single point of contact for all of your hardware, software, services and support needs. Our hallmark, unbiased consultation, still holds since we have no business relationships with dental suppliers or manufacturers.  What we do offer are the best technology systems, solutions and services in the business!

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