Tech check-up

dental technology check up

i.e. New patient exam

We know today’s dentist faces increasing pressure to modernize, to operate their practices more efficiently and provide new patient amenities. But where do you start? The Technology Check-up is your best bet and only offered by T2 Consulting. Think of this as the “new patient exam” for your technology. If you’re going digital anytime soon or already have and upgrading, this is a good place to start.

Cost: $595

Are you…

  • Going digital anytime soon?
  • Already digital but upgrading your hardware?
  • Going “chartless?
  • Contemplating changing dental software?
  • Unhappy with your results?

The Tech Check-up will help you…

  • Assess you current technology
  • Identify what you need to do before starting to shop
  • Buy the right technology for the right reasons and at the right time
  • Position yourself for successful technology
  • Time commitment – 1-2 hours on the phone
  • Check-up fee is fully transferable to the 360 Advantage


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