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dental technology coachingThe best help in the business!

At T2 our objective has always been clear – to help dentists successfully integrate technology into their practice by doing it right the first time and at the best price.  Front end planning weeds through the hype and guidance keeps you on the path to successful dental technology.

Dental tech coaching simply speeds up a process of change that would most likely occur anyway if an individual had enough time.  As they say, time is money but getting it right the first time puts the value of this service over the top.  T2 Technology coaching focuses on unbiased project planning strategies, guidance, budget development and vital product information based on decades of experience and hundreds of dental office projects.

Cost: $2,950



  • Create project goals, objectives and budget
  • Start plan development


  • Review best tech solutions for all office systems
  • Optimize ease of use and efficient tech delivery solutions


  • Assess preliminary tech choices and continue crafting the plan
  • Make strategic product recommendations that best serve the plan
  • Create strategy and schedule  in-office product demonstrations

 Ted Takahashi

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